Smile design

Starting off with a series of questions we collect the elements of your smile that are bothering you. We design the desirable result using wax on a cast of your mouth (diagnostic waxup). This waxup is then transferred intraorally (mock up), before any dental procedure begins. In this way you have the option to assess and/maybe modify the final result.

Our goal is to predictably gain a smile that fulfills your expectations, bringing out your face and personality.

One day dentistry

Indicated for patients whose time is really hard to come or those who live in a different city or country. After a meticulous examination (both clinical and radiographic) and the treatment plan, all the planned dental work (e.g. scaling – fillings – root canal therapies) is possible to be achieved during one visit to the dental office. Breaks for rest are planned during the – longer than usual – session. If however the treatment plan includes more elaborate work or a dental technician is necessary to be involved, all the treatments are planned in a maximum of 2 – 3 visits.

This way the patient is not inconvenienced and the total therapy time is significantly reduced.

Immediate loading

Immediate loading of implants provides the patient the option to regain their lost smile within 1 – 3 days!

The effectiveness of this method is similar to that of the standard implantation which normally requires 2 – 3 months of hold until the final restoration can be placed. It offers a fast result and is relatively relaxing, boosting the patient’s good psychology and self esteem as it enables immediate social re-integration. The patient is thus rendered capable of speaking, smiling and working from the very first day after the treatment.

Microscopic Dentistry

The dental microscope offers the capability of high magnification up to 25 times in the every-day clinical practice.

By using it we can secure the preservation of the tooth’s integrity to the best possible level, the early diagnosis of fractures and other pathologic situations as well as the capability to attribute outstanding fit and detail to restorations. This very fact guarantees time resistance and aesthetics preservation for the restorations.

Rubber dam dentistry

By using a rubber dam we can achieve:

  • Safety as all the materials used or are being removed from the oral cavity (e.g amalgam fillings) do not come in contact with the mouth and there is no risk of swallowing
  • Quality optimisation as the working field does not come in contact with saliva, germs and moisture
  • Comfort as the dam separates the working field from the rest of the mouth and the patient can be free of stress since not a single drop of water drips in their mouth.

Organised Recall system

  • It secures the long term preservation of the result
  • It prevents recrudescence and enables early diagnosis and treatment of possible issues/pathologic situations
  • It reduces the total cost of dental treatment
  • It offers the patient the feeling of security, as well as the satisfactory feel of a healthy mouth and a smile that stays unchanged over time!