The equipment of the clinic is renewed constantly with high quality devices, making the daily dental work easier, faster, more comfortable and painless. Disinfection and sterilization are carried out on the basis of applicable European specifications and standards.

Dental microscope

With the SOM4DENT dental microscope, we may get a closer look at the details. Magnifying the workspace up to 25 times, it enables:
  • early diagnosis of problems (eg cracks)
  • performing dental work in detail that is not allowed with the naked eye
  • more effective treatment in endodontic therapies (root canal treatment)

Intraoral scanner

The CS 3600 Scanner performs a digital capture of the teeth. This avoids the possible patient’s inconvenience when taking conventional impressions, and leads to excellent precision and quality in the final work

Whitening bleach lamp

With the Blanc One whitening bleach lamp, tooth whitening can be completed in the dental clinic. It is aimed at patients who are interested in a fast outcome without the inconvenience of tooth sensitivities.

Tek Scan

Tek Scan makes a digital recording of how the teeth contact during closure (occlusion) aiming at addressing occlusal problems and, ultimately, balancing the occlusion.

Digital X-ray

By using digital X-ray RVG 6100 we achieve
  • Minimum exposure to radiation
  • High resolution capture in digital files that are then safely held unchanged in our records.